Today we poured 20 cubic yards of concrete for the footers that are the base of the 24 piers that will support our home.  A pump was used because there was no way to back a cement truck close enough to all the holes.  One of the important jobs are the hose standers.  They stand on the hose as the concrete is being pumped to keep it from bucking so much.

The concrete splashes quite a bit so I got my daily recommended allowance of cement.

Tomorrow we cut the rebar to final height and install the cardboard tubes that will be the forms for the columns.

2 thoughts on “Concrete!”

  1. Steve Judge says:

    It’s looking great! How high above grade will the house sit? Can you use the space below as covered patio space?

    1. Dief says:

      1 foot at the front and 3 to 5 feet at the back. We are going to incorporate the taller sections into a enclosed dog/cat run.

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