Shop trusses done!

All 9 of the 40ft trusses for the shop are done and up on the cross beams.   Next I will be adding another 20ft cross beam to each side and then sliding the trusses into their final position.

The trusses slide much easier with some spray canola oil normally used for cooking.

I can’t roll the scaffold any further to the left (end of concrete slab) so I had to attach the hauling rope off center.  To keep the 350 pound beam level while lifting it into place I tied 140 pounds of weight to the right end.    I need to do the same thing on the other side and then the trusses can be slid into place.

Beside truss work we pulled wires from the breaker panel to the well so now we don’t need the generator for any power needs.   Somehow we managed to get a get a rock in the electrical conduit about half thru the 150ft of 3/4 conduit.   Needed to dig up the conduit (3 feet deep), cut the pipe, remove the rock and glue the pipe back together.

I’ve also been doing some blacksmithing work for clients.  It will be nice to have a full shop – soon!

6 thoughts on “Shop trusses done!”

  1. William McQueen says:

    Congratulations my friend….good geometry and rope work as always….delighted to see your progress…hugs to you and Maggie…

  2. Herb Natker says:

    Unbelievable Paul and Maggie! Truly a “One Man Show”. or the “One Mechanical Man Show”, so to speak. Using “the principles of mechanics” to move enormous weights by yourself. Overcoming “bumps” or rocks in the conduits and assorted mishaps. My God, both of you have accomplished so much in this “herculean” project, not to mention hosting “Hidden in the Hills” last year. I’ll be out to see you folks soon.


    Herbie N.

  3. caryl says:

    you da man!

  4. Linda Locke says:

    How did you know where the rock was inside the 150′ conduit?

    1. Paul Dief says:

      Ran an electrical fish tape through the conduit until it hit the obstruction. Pulled the tape out and laid it out on the ground over the electrical line. This gave the exact location of the obstruction.

  5. Linda Locke says:

    You should get a drone to take your pictures with! This project of yours is on such a grand scale it is difficult to get an understanding of the scope from the pictures you send. (However, don’t get me wrong. Whatever you send is very much appreciated!

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