Cutting holes into perfectly good containers

This container will be the office.  I needed to cut the door opening so the container doors on the end can be welded shut as that area will be part of the master bathroom.  Eventually this door (and all the interior doors) will be metal “saloon” style doors.

The entire side wall of the bedroom container has been removed creating a 16ft wide bedroom.   The bathroom door has been cut out.

The bedroom door has been cut out and framed with 2in tube steel.

More storage space for our stuff

We need storage space as we start to empty the house containers so we can cut openings.  This was the pile of stuff on top of the shop container.

We pulled everything off (except for the heavy onyx slab that will eventually be part of the kitchen island) and put down 2×2 tube steel with heavy plywood on top.

2 foot deep shelves running the full length of the container on both sides.

An electric hoist on a trolley makes getting stuff up and down a breeze.

Yes, we are alive!

It’s been awhile since the last update.  Hidden in the Hills Studio Tour in November was the best ever.  We had over 1,000 people visit.  In March Dief had his prostate (cancer) removed so he is just now able to return to working on the house.

The bedroom pop-out is now enclosed.

This is looking down through the perforated steel decking out side the bedroom.  This will lead down to a platform for the hot tub.  The stairs, bridge and catwalks in the house will be of the same material.

Gandalf closing up the gap between the bedroom ceiling and the shade rood above it.

Longer days means more work getting done

The bedroom expansion floor and ceiling are mostly done,

This space between the containers with be the bathroom,

Started putting down the decking in the yoga studio.  This will give us some place to put the stuff that is in the bedroom container.  It has to be emptied before I can cut the wall and doors out.

Rains create serious ruts in the driveway.  Starting to pour 5 inches of brown concrete in 1 to 2 foot wide strips.

Built a dirt ramp so Maggie’s T-bird can make it over the concrete (eventually the area between this steep driveway and the garage and shop will be concrete).   Where did I get the dirt you ask?

Dug a hole so I could stand up this cool torn I-beam so I could use the dirt for the ramp.  Why are you standing up I-beams you ask?

We have been creating a vertical garden with I-beams, posts and barrels.  Keeps the critters from eating the plants.

This is how I keep cool when pouring concrete when it is 110.

Now that fire season has arrived the Town of Cave Creek requires weekly “hot work” inspections before I can weld or grind outside on the house,  They make sure my sprinkler system is on and the brush is wet before I do any welding or grinding,

Bedroom floor

Most of the plywood is down for the bedroom expansion.  Next the walls and roof will be added.

Little WhoWho aint so little.  This is the “mess with me and I’ll beak your face” pose.

We’re grandparents!

Little WhoWho hatched late last month and has moved about 20ft back from the edge of the roof.

Work continues on the bedroom expansion.

We have tenants

The ravens started to build a nest between the two roofs but the great horned owls decided to muscle their way in.  After taking this photo of the freshly laid egg I placed a 2×4 along the edge to prevent the egg from rolling off the edge.  Hopefully we will have a chick in about a month.

Bigger bedroom

One of the advantages of actually building your own home is there are no hassles when making changes to the plans.  We are extending the bedroom wall out 8ft to make the bedroom 16ft wide,  We are canterlevering the floor out over the little revine next to the house so no new foundation work is needed.

First of 4 canterlevered beams being welded to the bedroom container.

Once the floor, wall and roof of the bedroom extension are done most of the existing container wall will be removed.


My how time flies

Wow!  It has been 9 months since our last post.  In February I had part of my right kidney removed (stupid cancer – all is well).  I was unable to work for a couple months.  Then I kept thinking I should post an update.  Next thing I know it is October.  Updates will be more frequent.

Welding the gutter to the roof trusses.   It is much easier yo do this before the roof goes on.

The plywood is up on the 2nd roof and has been sealed.  After Hidden In the Hills Studio Tour (we are studio #47 – the corrugated roofing will start going up.

This is the view between the 2 roofs.  Shady and cool which will help keep the house cool.


Started installing the center gutter.   This will create a waterfall just outside the south glass wall that will be collected in a 2500 gallon tank.   A pump and piping will be installed upto the roof so we can have a water fall whenever we want.