Started on the garage

The shop is mostly done (except the north wall and doors).  My power hammer is up and running after a year of silence.  Only had to replace one dried out o-ring and it was running smooth.   The garage will be the same design – just a few feet shorter.   The posts and side rails are up.  Next will come the 9 roof trusses.   The red blob at the top of the scaffold is a new 1 ton electric winch I got to make it easier to lift the heavy loads.

Before I do any welding or grinding on the edge of the buildings I wet down to the nearby desert to prevent any fires.

4 thoughts on “Started on the garage”

  1. W says:

    And you have the time and energy at 11:35 to write your report….amazing….

    Glad to see the progress and know that you will be hammering away again …

    All our best from Vancouver Island

    William and Colleen

  2. caryl parker says:

    Good thinking! too bad nobody thought of that in France.

  3. Chris Raypole says:

    Sweet. Love the winch.

  4. Herbie N. says:

    Truly cool Brother Paul and Sister Maggie. The Nest is coming together!

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