My how time flies

Wow!  It has been 9 months since our last post.  In February I had part of my right kidney removed (stupid cancer – all is well).  I was unable to work for a couple months.  Then I kept thinking I should post an update.  Next thing I know it is October.  Updates will be more frequent.

Welding the gutter to the roof trusses.   It is much easier yo do this before the roof goes on.

The plywood is up on the 2nd roof and has been sealed.  After Hidden In the Hills Studio Tour (we are studio #47 – the corrugated roofing will start going up.

This is the view between the 2 roofs.  Shady and cool which will help keep the house cool.

2 thoughts on “My how time flies”

  1. William McQueen says:

    Looks like it could fly

  2. Robert Olson says:

    Thermal break barrier! I love it. I wish I had it on my roof too!

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