This container will be part of the carport structure.  I’m welding angle iron that will become full length shelves on both sides of the container.



The original plan was to pour the concrete piers for the house, build the carport and shop and then move the shop and house containers over to the property in a nice orderly manner.  The shop landlord is selling the property so we have until March 15 to be out.  So we opted for full chaos moving as a new plan.  We moved the first of 8 containers onto the property only to realize we had blocked the access to the power pole that APS will need to set us up with a temporary construction power meter.  So we got George the crane guy to lift, rotate and move the container 15 feet.


Putting rebar in the pier foundation holes.

Relocated this pincushion.  Been walking over it for months.

More dirt work

Using my 75lb jackhammer to tamp down the pier footings.   Driving in 1 in rebar alignment stakes.

Digging foundation holes

Pete from Larson Excavating digging 24 holes for the house foundation.

Salvaging rocks

Along with transplanting the cactus that are in the building footprint we are gathering up all the cool rocks for later re-use.


We got our permit on December 20th, 2017.  Construction will start soon!

Coming soon…

We are really excited about the upcoming couple years as we begin our container home build.  It will be comprised of six 20ft containers and will be 2200sf.   Follow our blog to stay connected with the progress.