Stem Walls

Got the stem wall forms up for the shop and carport.  Needed to back fill the trenches.  No room for a bobcat to haul the dirt to the back side so I used my ancient wheelbarrow.  The easiest way to shovel the very rocky soil is to use the trail rake to pull the dirt/rocks into a loose pile and then shovel it into the wheelbarrow.

Total of 16 yards of concrete.  The first truckload (10 yards) went perfect.  The concrete in the second truck was a tad runnier than the first.  All was going well until the excess moisture caused the OSB forms to split and partially give way.  Some fast reinforcement with scrap 2in square tubing and we finished the pour.  The back side of the carport will have an “organic” look to it.  I will do some creative stone work to make it artistic.

2 thoughts on “Stem Walls”

  1. Linda Locke says:

    I’ve got to remember to ask to see your “artistic” resolution when I visit your finished home. What does OSB stand for?

    1. Dief says:

      Oriented Strand Board. Similar to plywood but made with flat wood chips.

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