Wanna be house truss

This is the start of the first (& longest) house truss.  It is just over 51ft long.  Once completed it will be lifted up onto the support rails and then dragged to the far end of the house and welded in place.  Since the house is “wedged” shaped each successive truss will be 8 inches shorter than the previous truss.   The 5in square beam under the truss is there only to provide a long flat space to fabricate the truss.

Since the previous post we participated in a very successful Hidden In The Hills Studio Tour and installed lights and shelving in the shop.

3 thoughts on “Wanna be house truss”

  1. Tamsin Wolff says:

    The progress since last year with the studio roof now in place was impressive in the difference and feel of the entire space. We are looking forward to seeing more photos. I was flattered that Maggie won the auction for my little wire nest for your desert nest. Thanks!

  2. Herbie N. says:

    It looks like the, I wana be, will be a soon to be. Great work Paul!

    Herbie N.😎

  3. caryl parker says:

    Wow! Hey Pablo, have you ever done a fireplace screen? I am looking for one in an arch shape. thx.

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