Almost ready for roof trusses

Of friend of ours, Dick Mueller, built this model of our house so folks can get a better idea of what our finished home will look like.

Been busy adding the final big beams needed to support the house roof.  Matt is clamping a temporary small beam into place that will hold two verticals in place while they are welded.

Gandalf contemplating his clamping system.

Welding a horizontal beam on top of the two verticals we have clamped.

I have a fireproof welding blanket over my lap so the sparks don’t build up and catch my pants on fire.  The scaffold is holding up the horizontal beam I am welding so I needed to don my rigging gear to get into position.

3 thoughts on “Almost ready for roof trusses”

  1. William McQueen says:

    Never a dull moment

  2. caryl parker says:


  3. Mr. Tim says:

    You’re having too much fun! Looking good!

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