I got the first two horizontal beams up and started on the trusses.

Making the first of 7 trusses for the shop.

Using a rolling scaffold and my rescue rope winch the truss is raised.

Once it is above the support beams the scaffold is rotated to above its final position.  The truss is built and raised upside down as the top cord is longer thus heavier.

The truss near its final position.  A few scoots with a pry-bar and all will be good.

Welding the truss in place.  Note the OSHA approved knee lock to secure me to the outside of the scaffold.

2 thoughts on “Trusses”

  1. Linda Locke says:

    OMG!! It appears that your shop is going to be HUGE. Do you have some kind of rendering of the finished product? Or, what are the dimensions of the structure going to be? Or, maybe your pictures show some kind of optical illusion? It seems like many of your followers would have the same questions as I have – trouble with visualizing.


  2. Paul Diefenderfer says:

    The shop is 900sf – 30 by 30. The clear height under the roof is 13ft. The exterior will be a mix of rusty corrugated steel and rock gabions. Eventually there will be a bridge crane – truss on wheels that will roll along tracks near the ceiling. This will allow me to pick up objects up to 2,000lbs anywhere in the shop.

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