Steel rising

Started erecting the steel today for the shop roof supports.  The two corners of the container along the outside wall got a vertical post (5x5in box) welded onto the load point.  Back is 66in tall, front is 76in tall to maintain a 1/2-12 slope for water runoff.  Next I will put a 20ft beam (also 5x5in box) on top of the two posts.   These pics show how I got the beam on top of the container using a come-along.  The beam weighs 350lbs.  Tomorrow I will set it on top of the posts and weld it in place.  Might get another strong back to help with this – we shall see.

Using the front post to lift the beam.

Once I got the end of the post on top of the container I switched the come-along to the back post and proceeded to put the beam on to the container.


One thought on “Steel rising”

  1. Linda Locke says:

    Wow! . . . and you never get sore or tired?

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