The base measurement for truss #14 was 193in.  I managed to enter 198 into the spreadsheet that calcs the various lengths of steel needed for the truss.  Didn’t realize this til the truss was up on the house.  Solution.  Remove the “triangle” section from each end and cut out 2.5 inches then weld the triangle back on.  It was easier to do the work on top of the house rather than lower the truss back to the ground.

Triangle is clamped to gether and ready for welding.

3 thoughts on “Oops”

  1. Robert Olson says:

    That’s fabrication for ya, I am out on a job now growing 20 beams by 7″ because they are too short…

  2. Mr. Tim says:

    What’s life without a challenge?

  3. Caryl Parker says:

    measure. cut. swear. repeat.

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