More Concrete

What a busy couple of days.  We passed the rebar inspection for the columns on Thursday around noon.  I called to schedule the concrete and they said mid next week.  At 4pm George called and said they could do it tomorrow if we were ready.   We weren’t ready but I said yes.  Used a come-a-long and the oxy-propane torch to heat and straighten one of the columns.  Next – finish shoveling dirt around three of the columns to stabilize the cardboard tube concrete form.  Stayed up until 11pm welding the 24 steel plates and bolts that get inserted into the concrete in each of the columns.  Went to bed and got up at 4:30 to pump concrete.

Next step.  Craning the containers into place.

7 thoughts on “More Concrete”

  1. Chris says:


  2. Linda Locke says:

    Thanks so much, Paul, for sharing your progress. It is very exciting! Wish I could be there to watch the craning of the containers.

  3. Steve Judge says:

    Don’t crane them in too early. Check with your structural engineer for the cure time on your concrete. Should be around 28 days.

  4. caryl parker says:

    looks good! remember to stay hydrated.

  5. Debbie says:

    Do you have any drawings of your container home? Would love to see them if you do and want to share. Thanks, looking forward to watching the progress.

    1. Paul Dief says:

      I have the large format blueprints. I will try to scan so I can post them. If you are in the neighborhood let me know. You can stop by and see them in person.

    2. Steve Judge says:

      While I did not design Paul’s home, I’d love to help if you are considering building a container home.
      Steve Judge, Architect
      M: 480 216 7413

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