Shop roof

All the trusses are in their final position.  In the photo below I’m welding truss #7 into position.  Number 8 & 9 were then pushed into their final position and welded.  As of today 30 of the 50 sheets of plywood have been screwed in place.  I still need to add some angle steel to the side edges before I can place the remaining 20 sheets of plywood.


To finish up the welding on truss 8 & 9 I had to switch from the scaffolding to a ladder since these two trusses overhang the front of the shop where is no concrete floor thus the rolling scaffold doesn’t work.   I used a trolley from my rigging kit to roll the welder along the truss.  The trolley is made from 2 inch angle and skate board wheels.


3 thoughts on “Shop roof”

  1. Chris says:

    I keep looking for the LIKE button. Very cool!

  2. caryl says:


  3. Janet says:

    You’re rockin it! Totally impressed!! Hi to you both from Larry & Janet

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