The challenges of a small building envelope

We have kept the building envelope as small as possible to minimize disturbing our beautiful desert.  This means we have to do some projects in a specific order.   We needed dirt to backfill the stem walls of the shop and carport.  We had an excavator dig the hole for the septic tank and part of the leach field and put the dirt inside the stem walls.  They couldn’t dig the entire leach field (12 by 45 feet) because there is not enough room to store the dirt and still allow room for the concrete truck and pump that we need to pour the floors of the shop and carport.  Once the floors are poured we can move the two containers and our trailer on to the floors.  This will give us room to dig the trench for the electrical conduit so we can get APS power.  Then we can go back to the septic system and finish it.

One thought on “The challenges of a small building envelope”

  1. Chris Raypole says:

    Awesome project.
    Just stepped outside into the pleasant temperature. What a summer.
    Kudos on your durability.

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