Soap & snow!

We got truss #12 up today before the rain.   We tried rubbing bar soap on the support beams.  This made sliding the truss into place so easy we did not need to use the come-a-longs.  You can see some of the soap along the edge of the truss.

It snowed a couple day ago.  No welding on the house those two days.

The happy Desert Nest family.

4 thoughts on “Soap & snow!”

  1. Caryl Parker says:

    i hope you guys don’t freeze! Also, Kim wants to stay close to her parents this weekend.

  2. Herb Natker says:

    Great stuff! you two.! Keep rollin’ !


  3. Herb Natker says:

    Looking good!


  4. Mr. Tim says:

    Is that a giant ferret, and what is it doing to you?

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