More concrete and a big pole

Last Tuesday we poured 15 yards of concrete for the shop and carport footers.  Now we start work on the stem wall forms which range in height from 1 to 4 feet.  We have poured just over 42 yards of concrete so far.

Today APS delivered a new steel power pole to replace the ancient wood pole.  We had to move two truck loads of iron wood and a bunch or other stuff to make room.  Getting power is still aways off.   Once the shop and carport slabs are poured we can move the last two containers into place and move our travel trailer onto the carport slab – then we will have the room to dig the trench from the power pole to the house.   One of our primary goals is to minimize the amount of natural desert that we disturb.   This requires moving a lot of heavy stuff multiple times to make room for the current portion of the project.  Builds muscle and character!

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