Dirt & concrete

What a busy week!  The hole for the septic tank and part of the leach field were excavated so we could use the dirt to back fill the shop and carport stem walls.  Today we poured 40 yards of concrete for the shop and carport floors.  Progress!

Septic tank being lower into its hole.

Spreading the dirt from the septic tank and leach field holes.

Using a “jumping jack” to pack the dirt.  This 200lb machine literally jumps up and down to pack the dirt.  4 inches of aggregate base was then pack on top of this.  Followed by a grid of 1/2 inch rebar.

Took a quick break from construction to forge a branding iron for a client.  This is how you work when a proper anvil is not available.  I sure do miss banging on hot iron.

5:30 this morning waiting for the concrete and pump to arrive.

These guys make it look easy.

40 yards of finished concrete.   I will keep it wet for a few days so it cures harder faster.  Next week we will be craning the last two containers in place.  One for each slab.

One thought on “Dirt & concrete”

  1. Linda Locke says:

    Oh, the concrete looks beautiful!! Amazing they got such large areas so smooth.

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